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Alex and Olivia shippers

Welcome to aoshippers

The basic idea of this comm is that we LOVE Alex and Olivia...especially together XD...so post your fic, graphics, SQUEES, and anything else related to the dynamic duo. Mariska and Stephanie squees are also welcome, though we do have to discourage RPFs (Real Person Fanfic) simply on the basis that there are legal issues surrounding that.

There will also sometimes be members-only goodies, so make sure you join the community instead of just watching it. :-D

Be respectful of fellow A/O shippers and their work.

Since this is an A/O community, the central pairing in all fanfiction, fanvideos, and the like should be Alex/Olivia.

If you are posting a photo or graphic that is larger than 400 px in width or height, please put it behind an LJ-cut. Also, please put stories and spoilers behind a cut as well. Our guidelines on what is and isn't considered a spoiler can be found here. If you want to make a link to your journal or another website (instead of an LJ-cut) when posting updates to your stories, that is perfectly fine. A guide on how to make links can be found here.

This is an LJ-cut:

You can change the lj-cut text to say whatever you want.

When posting a story, you can use this format:

If a story or graphic is NSFW (not safe for work), please warn in your post.

Have fun!